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Ligue 2 tips and betting forecasts

Discover all the SosBettingTips.com’s editorial team’s Ligue 2 betting tips and forecasts. Reasoned arguments are given for the big matches. To discover them, click "Tip in detail".

Ligue 2 key statistics

The Ligue 2 strikers were not at the party last season. With an average of 2.48 goals scored per match, the show has rarely seen the 2015/2016 edition (2.3 goals/game). This season, the top scorers scored "only" 23 goals, which proves that Ligue 2 is not the most prolific championship in terms of show and achievements. These figures show that Ligue 2 is still far behind the big European championships in terms of effectiveness in front of the goals even if last season kept us in suspense until the last day.

What you should know before betting on Ligue 2

It is important to point out that Ligue 2 has a good start to the draw with 11.31% of the matches that ended in a 0-0 . This clearly shows the difficulties encountered by the championship formations in entering goals and this only confirms what we have mentioned above. When you know that 14.21% of matches ended on a parity score of 1-1 you can easily see that Ligue 2 is not the best championship to bet on. Moreover, it is 1-0 that is imposed with only 9.74% of the matches that have a favourable issue with a score of 1-0. Statistics that will be important and that can lead you to draws during your bets.

It should also be stressed that the ground on which the teams will evolve is a not insignificant factor to take into account. With only 28.2% of victories from the teams who play outside this season , there is no doubt that the Ligue 2 formations are extremely friable off their bases and are not hermetic to the pressure put by the supporters. This is all the more true when we see that 40.95% of the victories were recorded when the teams played at home. If you want to bet on a win, do not hesitate to bet on the team that plays in his den.


In the antechamber of Ligue 1, 20 teams compete each weekend in an unpredictable and exciting championship, in the form of a round-trip match, from early August to the end of May.

Last year, only the top two clubs were guaranteed access to Ligue 1. The third was to defeat the 18th Ligue 1 after a double confrontation in order to validate its rise in the elite.

This year the system has changed again for the happiness of all lovers of the ball. A new system of play-offs will be put in place. To be more precise, at the end of the regular season, the first two winners of the championship will move to the Ligue 1, that will not change. On the other hand, the third place of Ligue 2 will not dispute directly his double confrontation against the 18th of Ligue 1. This new system is very simple: the playoffs will be played from 3rd to 5th place.

To be clearer, the 4th in the standings will face the 5th on a single game. The winner of this game will then play against the third of the regular seaso. The team that won the last match will eventually play two legs against the 18th Ligue 1, which will allow them or not to play in the top division. As for the relegation, nothing changes, the last 3 teams will join National 1 at the end of the 2017-2018 year.

With only 2 direct places to take, the battle for the climb in Ligue 1 will be tough. Especially since there is no shortage of contenders. Brest, Lens, Auxerre, Nimes, Reims ... many teams that are used to being in the French elite. But watch out for the outsiders! Le Havre or Clermont could try to play the spoils and sow discord at the top of the rankings. Finally, Lorient went down in Ligue 2 after playing the playoffs against Troyes last season. With the arrival of Mickaël Landreau at the head of the team and a more than qualitative recruitment, it would not be surprising to see Lorient make the lift this season and find the elite next year. In any case, if last year Ligue 2 offered us a breath-taking final, considering the forces involved, we have a right to ask what will this year 2017/2018bring us?

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