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Top 14 tips and betting forecasts

Discover all the SosBettingTips.com’s editorial team’s Top 14 betting tips and forecasts. Reasoned arguments are given for the big matches. To discover them, click "Tip in detail".

Top 14 statistics

With nearly 40 points on average and a number of trials that are close to 4.16 per game, the Top 14 edition 2016/2017 was the focus of the offensive game. So do not hesitate to bet on a number of important points for visitors, yet not favourites but who can score at any time in crazy matches.

Less successful than in 2015/2016, the past season remains nevertheless in the standard thanks to players such as Votu (13 trials), Strettle (11 trials) and Lacroix (10 trials) which illuminated the championship. By their beautiful runs on all the lawns of Top 14. It should also be noted that the scorers took an essential place in a team of Top 14 and, like a Gaëtan Germain (Brive) who scored 324 points on the During the season, these players have a significant importance in the clearing matches or when the climatic conditions do not lend themselves to the game. So, regardless of the opposing team, if a striker is in a good day, it does not matter No doubt that he will put the oval ball between the poles. Betting on weaker teams but with a reliable striker may be more than worthwhile.

Finally, the important thing in rugby is to win territory, show the opponent who is the strongest. Playing at home is an important element in the French championship. Turnovers and the different stakes support this statistic.

What to know before betting on Top 14

Rugby is a special sport where you have to study several parameters before betting. First, the weather. In difficult conditions (rain, cold ...), the matches are not spectacular, the trend goes more towards matches with few points. Even smaller teams can take advantage of them to achieve feats, focusing on ground clearance and realistic footfall.

Then the teams aligned. It is not uncommon to see trainings make deadlocks on certain trips, which explains the large number of victories at home. Study each team's schedule to see if there is a shock the next weekend or a European cup match as the big teams will be more likely to turn their squads to rest their best players .


The 14 teams in the Top 14 all want the Brennus Shield but this dream, few of them know they will be able to achieve it . Very few teams dominate the championship from start to finish. The ASM is certainly the most consistent team in its results in recent years. The Racing Club Toulonnais and Montpellier, thanks to an upscale recruitment, also managed to play the top of the table and to fight for the title race. Behind, the Racing 92 achieved a flamboyant 2015/2016 season but gradually sank. The rest has only crumbs. Even though the championship is getting tighter and the smaller teams are trying hard to compete by strengthening their squads, the gap was so important years ago that it will take a long time to resolve. Nevertheless, formations like Pau are attracting big names like the former All Black Conrad Smith, which shows that the championship tends to become more and more homogeneous.

Top 14 players play against each other on a round-trip format from August to May, i.e. 26 games. A win yields four points, a draw two and a defeat none. The offensive bonus is awarded to the team that opposes with at least three more attempts than its opponent, the defensive bonus rewards the formation that tilts with five points or less.

The first two ranks are in the semi-finals, and the next four are in the quarter-finals. These six teams are already qualified for the next edition of the Champions Cup . The semi-finals are played in a selected stadium before the start of the season. The two winners then find themselves in the final at the Stade de France, in an attempt to win the coveted Brennus Shield.

The teams ranked from eighth to twelfth, plus the two promoted from Pro D2, are qualified for the Challenge Cup , the second European Cup. The seventh in the ranking, unsuccessful for the final stages, must play a final game against his English counterpart, to decide which of the two will have the honor to play in the great European competition. The loser is donated to the Challenge Cup.

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